It’s come to our attention that there is someone stealing our comics and translating them into Russian and re-hosting them on a Russian Facebook-like site. These people did not ask permission do to this and we ask that if you see them to please report them to the site hosting them.

Had these people asked first, we could have worked something out. Instead we need to use legal channels to protect our copyrights. This is really sad because we know the KSP community has a large Russian fan base and we hate to have to do something like block access to the site.

Please, if you would like to see a translation, talk to us. We’re more than happy to work with people to increase the availability of our comics to non-English speakers. Doing so without our permission is a clear copyright violation and only hurts us.

UPDATE: We’ve been contacted by the operator of the page that was hosting the translations and we are working on a solution that will allow us to bring translations to our fans directly here on this site. Stay tuned!

Kerbal Comics Staff