The Kerbalnauts

Jeb “Thrillmaster” Kerman

Jeb “Thrillmaster” Kerman (Flight Commander)

Jebediah “Jeb” Kerman
(Flight Commander.)

Jeb “Thrillmaster” Kerman is the middle of the three Kerman brothers but he’s their leader. Jeb is a natural born leader with charisma to spare. He has nerves of steel allowing him to pilot these test rockets… the only problem that the crew faces with such a deal is that Jeb also believes that life should be more like action movies, which is not exactly a good thing considering the explosive nature of the rockets. Bill always says that he lacks a lot of serious, but everyone knows that Bill is not a good judge of that considering how much of a party pooper he is. His major problem is a slight distancing from reality from watching too many movies, and as such many things that should bother him don’t.

Bob “Derp” Kerman

Bob “Derp” Kerman (Command Module Pilot)

Robert “Bob” Kerman
(Command Module Pilot)

Bob “Derp” Kerman is the younger of the three and is always eager to please his older brothers, sometimes a little too eager. This has gotten the three of them in trouble many times since they were young children. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s a good Kerman at heart, and loves a good touch of humour once in a while. The only problem with him is that he’s somewhat of a scaredy cat, and as such is prone to fits of panic, especially during Jebediah’s antics.

Bill “Buzzkill” Kerman

Bill “Buzzkill” Kerman (Flight Second-in-Command)

William “Bill” Kerman
(Flight Second-in-Command)

Bill “Buzzkill” Kerman didn’t get his nickname for being wild. The oldest of the Kermans, he considers himself past the age of mindless foolishness and is very strict, which often clashes with Jeb’s carefree tendencies. Despite everything, he tries his best to take care of his brothers – especially Bob, who he feels is too often victim of Jeb’s antics.










Supporting Cast

Verner von Grün

Kernher von Grün

Lernher von Grün
(KSP Lead Rocket Scientist)

Kernher von Grün is the father of Kerbal rocket science. All the Kerbals know about rocket building is locked up in his head. Which is probably a good thing considering the end result of many designs.